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Ordered one jacket from Moosejaw, but received another. When I went on their site to return it, all the options led me to a link for creating a shipping label for $7.95.

I contacted them to request a comped label, since I was returning a product they'd sent in error. I got an automated reply with the same link to pay for a label. I finally got someone on text who said to just go ahead and create the label and they'd comp me the shipping. Called back the next day to check and the customer service rep confirmed the account was noted to waive the shipping fee.

Shipped the jacket back, and the refund was reduced, not by $7.95, but by $9.95. Have now opened a dispute with Paypal. Obviously, Moosejaw figures they can just get away with this enough of the time that it's worth losing customers over... I hope they've gotten away with it a lot today, because I spend about $10k a year on outdoor and recreational equipment and clothing, and I won't be spending another dime with them.

Since this complaint might be written in too straightforward a manner for the Moosejaw folks to comprehend, let me attempt to translate: Hey Moosejaw! Stop me if you've heard this one... What do Moosejaw and Eazy-E have in common? Both of you can eat a big fat ****!

Was that too harsh? Sorry... Not sorry. It's not me, it's you...

I'm just waaaay too busy with your reputable competitors to let you steal my money... But I'll really miss all your funny advertising!

Actually, no I won't! I hope you step in dog *** on the way home and don't realize it until you're in your bedroom!

Product or Service Mentioned: Moosejaw Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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